Liberty HeadEdit

The double eagle was a coin valued at $20.00, minted from 1849 until 1933. The first Liberty Head double eagles had no motto, and the denomination was spelled out as TWENTY D. In 1866, the motto was added to the coins. Figures were used until 1876, when the denomination was spelled out entirely as TWENTY DOLLARS. This continued until 1907, when it was replaced with the Liberty Standing type.

Liberty StandingEdit

Roman numerals and ultra-high relief popularized the Liberty Standing type of double eagles, coined in 1907 that replaced the Liberty Head type. Low or shallow relief was made later that year. Arabic numerals were used in late-1907. The motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" was brought back to the coins in 1908, and stood there until 1933.

1933 Liberty Standing $20Edit

It may be revealed that 13 $20 coins bearing the date 1933 were created, although none were placed in circulation after the 1932 pieces were melted in 1934. Only one has ever hit the auction block, in Summer 2002, shattering the past price of a 1804 $1 piece. This stayed until 2010, when the $1 piece for 1794 crushed it.

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